Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

Adventure 1996 Windows Europress Mystery First person Puzzle Simulation Fpp Violent Casual

A maritimal interactive adventure

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, is a point and click game developed by Cyberflix, that gave us the opportunity to explore the ancient popular ship, virtually in truth. Your character named Frank Carlson is a secret agent that has to solve missions and puzzles by exploring the cruise ship and interacting with people. Despite the game's old age, I admit it looks pretty good. I liked the warm atmosphere presented and the well detailed graphics that described genuinely the luxury and the splendor of RMS Titanic. Your main purpose is to change the course of events for your own survival. Also, your contribution will determine the fate of others. About the gameplay, I found the navigation easy and fast, the symbolic elements from the environment were rendered very well (as I said above), the music and the effects were authentic. If you are able to complete the tasks, you will proceed to the next levels. The conversations with other people on the ship contain hints on what to do further, so pay attention to what your interlocutors say. As you advance in your interactions, you will find that passengers are involved in some intrigues that will raise your interest of discovering more. If your character Frank makes it at the right places at the right time, he will have nothing but advantages.

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