Kingdom: The Far Reaches

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Interplay Cartoon First person Action Indie Fantasy Rpg

A great classic adventure game!

Kingdom: The Far Reaches, a classic animated adventure game released in 1995. The story is based on the character Lathan Kandor and The Hands of Mobus. In this game you will play as Lathan Kandor who must search and conquer all the five parts of 'Hand of Mobus'. The game starts with a short story where you will know about the Hands of Mobus and the rulers. The power and the wisdom of 5 kings are in an amulet and Mobus owns it. Torlok, the evil brother of Mobus made the king vanished one day. But before vanishing the wise king managed to divide the amulet into 5 pieces and hide them. The angry evil brother Torlok managed to kill every royal member except the baby girl. Later the baby girl married and gave birth of a child named Lathan. Lathan's mission is to regain the amulet which is hidden throughout the 3 kingdoms. You will have to defeat Torlock at the end to regain everything. In every quest you will gain newer magic and also power. This adventure game like is full of great animation.Kingdom II: Shadoan was later released as the prequel of this game.If you are a classic adventure game lover then you will definitely love this game.

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