Ant Attack

Strategy 1994 Dos Dataware Arcade style

It came from the desert!

A sort of simplistic real time strategy game, Ant Attack is a fun but limited little diversion that is perfect for gaming in short bouts but which is unlikely to keep you hooked forever. The game is a sort of addition to the animal-based action/puzzle genre, with shades of Lemmings or Pushover but slightly lacking in the qualities which made such games so enjoyable for such a long time. The premise is as straightforward as they come, with the background detailing that age-old problem which plagues every well intentioned picnic: a plague of ants has descended upon the merry feast, drawn y the tempting goodies which are displayed before them. It thus falls to the player to step in and save the day by exterminating the pesky critters before they bring misery to all and sunder. This is achieved through careful use of three principal weapons which are handily at your disposal: a bulldozer, for taking down the anthills with extreme prejudice; a bucket of water for chucking all over the ants; and finally a can of bug spray, the use of which should be pretty obvious to anyone, even if they have never faced an army of ravenous ants. Ant Attack is ostensibly fairly simple stuff, with a number of individual levels which must be completed, by wiping out the ants and their lairs before moving on to the next one. However, it has enough personality and charm to keep you hooked and while you are unlikely to return to a level once it has been completed, the full version has enough to keep you going. Levels are well enough designed and challenging while controls are intuitive enough to be picked up in a matter of seconds, so if you are looking for a fast-paced strategy game that doesn't take itself seriously, this is for you.

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