Strategy 1990 Dos Softdisk Publishing Arcade style

Cool action and puzzle blend from the Apogee shareware era

Along with Paganitzu, Chagunitzu is a well produced combination of real time action and puzzles, all in a really well formed blend that you'll just fall in love with. What you need to do is avoid the baddies in the levels, snakes, boulders, etc. and pick up the powerups or the gems. When all the collectibles and the keys are taken, you have to devise a way to get to the exit without being caught, and prepare for yet another screen. The graphics look great, if you like the minimalist and the massive reuse of the same times, that the shareware era was all about. However, the actual levels can be quite interesting and original, even if the brickwork looks the same. Also, the difficulty level increases in a very lenient fashion, which is great. Oh, and expect to find a few baddies that will remind you of The Binding of Isaac, the much later 2012 release, that, it seems has deep roots in the jewels of the early 90s! Yep, a great, simple, (and when it gets hard you can use the built in hints) game and a very exciting adventure/exploration/action/puzzle game, a staple of 90s shareware ingenuity.

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