Super Robot Wars 3

Strategy 1993 Nintendo Banpresto Turn based Arcade style

Wargame and Japanese role player at the same time

This game is a surprising (at least for Europeans and I'd say for the American gamers as well) mix of hex based type of wargame, but underneath it runs a pretty hefty side of RPG, delivered mostly in anime, dialogue heavy form. If you've played any of the Pokemon games though, I'm also sure this game will make a bit more sense than to someone that is new to the genre. The main game is thus turn based, heavy on using creatures to do your dirty work, but it also packs a nice, meaty economical side, while also being pushed from the back by the heavy dialogue style of role playing. Graphically it's a 2D with, as I said loads of Japanese traits, again, maybe not everyone's cup of tea. At any rate, don't get scared by the hex based bits, this isn't one of these mean turn based strategies, it's a lot lighter, alright for, I'd say, a typical, not too advanced player. Give it a try, it's worth a look at the least, and it will grow on you, as it's got that going for itself. Plus, the older titles in the series are worthy of a look as well

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