SCUD: Industrial Revolution

Strategy 1997 Windows SEGA Top down Science Fiction Arcade style

Top down robotic assassin action game!

SCUD: Industrial Revolution offers you a shooting/action/adventure mix all seen from a top down perspective. You control SCUD, a mighty little robotic assassin that really puts assassin in robot! Gameplay wise, you go about annihilating humans, mutants, robotic enemies, you, know the works; if it moves, it needs a blasting welcome and a shower of fire! Storywise there's not much going on in SCUD land, as the game is based on a cabinet arcader so, don't expect no epic robot revenge story or something like that. Instead, if you're in for a challenging but fair top down shooter, you've got it with SCUD. Controls wise you can go for a keyboard only thing, or you can add your favorite controller to the mix and get that console/cabinet feel out of the game. Graphically, it's a well clothed game, sort of like DOS 8bit style with a bit of a more pampered pixel count and better colors. Fun all the way, that's what SCUD offers. Similarly, Wild Metal offers you a charged action game, though a bit more complicated, gameplay wise, a bit more complex. Both, though, are highly enjoyable.

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