Track Attack

Racing 1996 Dos Dosbox Microprose Futuristic Arcade style

Fast and smooth arcade racer

Track Attack is an alright arcade racer in the same style as WipeOut. While it does feature a single player campaign and single race modes, it was mostly meant to be played in multiplayer mode, where it mostly shines; however I'm not sure you can still find servers or set up a LAN, but if you can, that's sure worth exploring. Also, what Track Attack does well is create an atmospheric, fast, always on the edge racing feel. The colors of the 3D environments are saturated and the cars, less modernistic or futuristic, but the tracks sure are no real world recreations! Nope, the tracks share that Trackmania arcade design, being chockfull of twists and curves, each more perilous than the last one! So, all things considered, Track Attack is the kind of game you will love if you don't look for realism from your games. Other than that, what you'll love about it, especially today, on even moderately fast machines, is the game's fast and smooth feel. Yeah, there are better arcaders set in cyberpunk/cybernetic themed circuits, but Track Attack is by no means a bad one.

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