Lucky's Casino

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Destiny Software Cards Casino

Lots of options; well done, diverse casino bundle

Lucky's Casino contains a lot of games, as well as a lot of virtual casino environment, in a virtual town, aptly named Quantum city; you get all the classic casino games; you get baccarat, bingo, 21, craps, a game titled Keno, craps, a few version of poker quite a few 6, in total, with Pai Gow Poker included as well). You also get a whole lot of slot machines (8 in total) and video poker machines (3 machines). As you can see, the advantage of the game is its diversity. And, to its merit, Lucky's Casino also does a good job of creating each game in particular, with great graphics for the whole lot and also, with a great atmosphere. Along with the games, the environments themselves are different, as the casinos, in the city look differently. So, if you are serious about casino binging, Lucky's Casino is the game to play, truly exotic, diverse and well produced, offering you lots of fun. Graphically, for a 93 released game, I'd say Lucky's Casino is a looker, kind of like a cool budget game, yet one where the developers cared enough! Download Caesar's Palace as well, a cleaner, less sprawling bundle, yet a fun one as well.

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