Apple Panic

Arcade 1982 Dos Dosbox Broderbund Platformer

Lots of panic, none of them apples!

Weird little name the developer, Olaf Lubeck, chose for this game, as you won't be dealing with no apples, but with some bad seed of enemies that need to be smacked in the head for them to finally succumb! So, this is a bit of a puzzler in some ways, while on others it is a weird action game. You are hunting some sort of aliens (green and seedy, but apples? Animated apples? I don't think so!) in these 2D one screen levels. You can escalate ladders and you can also dig holes in the ground, holes which are perfect traps for the enemies. But they are many and you are but one, and so you got to play it smart, devise some tactic to keep catching them while they won't be able to catch you, if you catch my drift! At any rate, the game is refreshingly simple and seems to be inspired (or maybe it was the one to inspire?) by Lode Runner, only that its mechanics are a bit less developed than it. Sure enough though, you'll get hooked, and if you don't mind the clean early 8 bit graphics, you'll have found yourself a new time waster. Stack it in your DosBox folder and go after then bad apples whenever you feel a need for cleansing!

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