Chuckie Egg

Arcade 1983 Dos M.C. Lothlorien Ltd Platformer

Get cracking Harry!

This is a real blast from the past and for anyone who is into old-school arcade/platform action like Donkey Kong and the original Mario Bros., this is an absolute must play. The game takes a similar approach to its theme as the aforementioned Nintendo hit, with players taking control of hero Hen House Harry and who has a very particular problem. Each single screen level is littered with twelve eggs, which Harry must collect if he is to pass to the next similar stage. However, standing between him and survival are a number of ducklings who are out to get poor old Harry and who want to make his life a misery. He thus has to make clever use of the many platforms and ladders to navigate the levels, grabbing the eggs as he goes. The whole thing is played against a time limit, adding to the pressure, but there are also little piles of corn dotted around and if Harry grabs them, the timer stops briefly, giving him something of a respite. Unfortunately though, the birds also have a hankering for the corn too so you have to grab it fast if you want to take advantage of it. Chuckie egg really is a cracking piece of retro action and should be on anyone's list of classic games to play. There are only a handful of individual levels (they repeat themselves with minor variations) but they are all very well designed and present plenty of challenge even for hardened arcade veterans. The controls are tight and responsive and the graphics charming and full of personality, so really, there's absolutely no excuse not to check this one out.

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