Adventure 2003 Windows Adventure Game Studio Third Person Cartoon

Modeled after King`s Quest; very interesting AGS game

Apprentice is a traditional adventure game, a point and clicker supreme, modeled, storywise and interaction wise, as well as sharing the same propensity for medieval, fantasy ridden locales, that King's Quest had showcased. As such, if you were looking for a less jagged adventure game with those kind of values in mind, and if you love to sink your teeth into adventure games that don't want to be completely original but which manage to be well done, then Apprentice is a good choice. Graphically, since the game was released in 2002, it is a very modern looking game, very beautiful, very carefully picked colors and well crafted backgrounds. Also, for an AGS game it sure had pushed the envelope of what is to be expected, but at the same time, it shows that it has respect for traditional adventure but never settles for a boring game with seemingly interesting elements. No, Apprentice is a genuinely interesting adventure game, one that is as good as many of the King`s Quest adventures and for that it deserves a look.

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