No-Action Jackson

Adventure 2004 Windows Third Person Cartoon

Be a geek trapped inside your own house!

Here's a cool premise for an adventure game! You are a geek who, for some reason, got trapped in his own house, and, while that wouldn't have been a problem most days of the week, this time it so happens that you have to attend your regular Dungeons and Dragons game (sheesh!). So, how did the game get to reference this other staple of RPG gaming? Well, the developer created this game on his own, and so, you know, since there was not much at stake, money wise, he got away with it. The adventure, all things considered is a pretty well rounded one, highly playable, and also, quite original given that it is mostly set in the small and confined space of a home. But the puzzles are surely well done, simple and quite imaginative at times, quite funny also. Graphically, well, let's just say that this was not the game's strongest point! But, overall, for a game produced by a single individual it sure realized a lot more than you would expect. So, yeah, give it a try, it's a pretty inspired game. No Sam and Max but well, you can still enjoy it!

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