Dizzy Remake

Adventure 2004 Windows Codemasters Third Person Cartoon

For those of us without ZX Spectrums!

This is (almost) exactly like the game that came inside of a colorful cassette tape, took a lot of time to load, had me tinkering on the head of my cassette tape player for hours trying to find that exact sweet spot where the number of errors would be minimal, and also, had me playing for hours with my new Egg Head friend, which was none other than Dizzy! You'd be amazed at the kind of (relatively, remember I was only a child!) hard puzzles this game could put forth. For instance, it had me lost for minutes trying to find out how to actually combine two different objects, but once I stumbled upon the solution, I was unstoppable! Besides, the yolk folk needed my help, MY help, and I wasn't about to let some dimwit wizard take all the fun from my beloved townsmen! Graphically, the game is as sweet and as lovely today as it used to be back in the day, generally combining 2 or max 3 colors on screen at any given time, but rarely color clashing them into the regular ZX Spectrum fashion! So, definitely, while the series would thread in different directions afterwards, this first adventure was sure a clean, beautiful, and very engaging one, a classic of the home computers of yore. It would be a shame not to try it, given its history and its minimalist gorgeousness.

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