Apprentice II: The Knight Move

Adventure 2004 Windows Adventure Game Studio Third Person Cartoon

Fan made sequel for Apprentice

Apprentice was never a huge success that it sure was appreciated by adventure fans. However, it never becoming too big meant that the game was segregated to not receiving an official sequel. Not to worry though, years later Herculean Effort Productions with the aid of the famed Adventure Game Studio put effort (sic!) into producing this game here. And, to be frank their original production is as worthy of praise as the original was. Sure, the game is not played from a third person perspective, and a lot of the magic of the first game is preserved. If you ever played an AGS game before (maybe the magnificent 7 Days a Skeptic) you will really have motives to be impressed by this one. It's a much less pixilated game, the amount of detail could surely put to shame some large team commercial productions, and the story is as interesting as the one delivered in the first game, if not better. In the AGS catalogue it sure is a must play, no question about it. And in the larger spectrum of games, it sure deserves a honorable mention

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