Sensible Soccer

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Amazing soccer game with good controls

It is an average yet exciting football game which brings some of the conventional features on card. Starting with the diversity that this game offers, you have many European teams to deal with and select from a healthy chunk of players. The players have their profiles and have their distinct attributes in the form of skill and stamina which does count a bit. Four playing modes have been incorporated in which the first one involves conventional football where you to have to beat the opponent by scoring more goals. The other modes are a bit self-explanatory which I leave for you to explore. The gameplay has a lot of features which football game lovers like. To mention a few features, the moves that the players make are good and can be easily controlled through both keyboard and joystick. The graphics to support the fine gameplay are more then what we call satisfactory and may well exceed its time. They have kept the gameplay quite simple where you have controls involving kicking passing and choosing the player nearest to the ball. The pace of the game is very fast and requires you to be very good with your reflexes. Soccer games like this on and Sensible Soccer 98 are very good and simple to play soccer games.

Kick off style, improved!

Sensible Soccer is an association football video game developed by Sensible Software, who also developed Cannon Fodder. The game is basically like an old-school FIFA game, which featured international teams, mostly european teams. The game offers 4 modes of gameplay: Friendly, Cup, League and Specials. Friendly is just a standalone match, where the objective is simple: score more goals than the opposition in order to win. The Cup and League are self explanatory, so I don't need to explain it in too much detail. The gameplay of the game is quite, yet it's feels so fast. You have your typical controls: passing, kicking, changing the player while on defense etc. It's simple, which is good, but the pace is so fast that you require quick reflexes, which isn't quite a good gameplay design. The graphics are nice, but the sound and music feel kind of goofy. Overall, Sensible Soccer is a nice old school soccer game, but if you hate fast paced gameplay, you'll probably won't like it.

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