Archon Ultra

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Free Fall Associates Board games Fantasy

Graphically improved board game with action elements

This game is a continuation of the original Archon title, which doesn't operate any changes to the gameplay that it introduced back in 1983. The game is a combination of strategy game, where the game plays much like a chess game. However, when you attack any of your opponent's pieces, instead of automatically displacing them from the table you enter a separate instance of the game where the two pieces combat in a sort of fighter/brawler kind of style. The unfortunate thing in Archon 2 is that the backgrounds to these fights look pretty badly, they seem to be generic pieces of texture, all of them kitschy but also pretty disturbing and headache inducing. The other problem of these brawls is that they seem too random, there doesn't seem to be much logic to the way you produce damage in your enemy or in the way you receive it. Most of the time you will hope that you are lucky enough to win the match. There is variety in regard to the style of action each piece demonstrates, but it's mostly at a graphical level, as you can't really make much of a pattern in how they attack or receive damage. So, it takes a very specific type of player to truly enjoy this game, someone who just wants a chess like game with a twist. However, Archon 2 won't be a long lasting addition to your classic game collection, or you'll just ignore after a very short while.

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