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Eponymous Avalon Hill fan conversion

Wizards is a sufficiently well polished and designed (or more precisely, ported) game, that follows very closely the setting, the rule set and the intrinsic values of the eponymous board game. Thus, Wizards is a game that will speak volumes to those that loved the original, or to those that love digitized versions of tabletop games. In the same spirit as Settlers of Catan, Wizards too is about building, but not entirely. This is about a battle of the wizards, where you manage your wizard and where you always give your all to make sure that you can conquer the 18 islets that the board offers. The game also has a time frame, of no more than 20 days and nights in total, period in which you have to get all the islets. There are gems to be collected, and the first to collect 6 shards of all the players will win. Another win state condition is that you get your shards to the druid, so it's both a game that takes coordination on a map, as well as resourcefulness in conflict and a bit of luck. There are also random events, which greatly enhances the experience, especially for return players. So give it a shot, it's well complex and pretty enduring, especially for an independent game.

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