Dragon Dice

Strategy 1997 Windows Interplay Board games Fantasy

Too similar to the cardboard original, thus, just as clunky...

I, on one hand, love a game that does the same job in digital form that a board game it copies, however, on the other hand, there is something to be said of going off the rails for a bit, and allowing your digital game to be digital with some of the calculations and some of the rules, that while alright on the brick and mortar game just feel out of place in the digital recreation. It's like, alright, let's simulate a dice roll, you don't really need the player to digitally pick up some dice, and actually spin them around (although, the more I think of that, the more it makes sense, hehe!), you can automate that. Not that this is the problem of Dragon Dice, nope, its main issue is that its rules are too sophisticated, and the game doesn't always tell you when you're allowed to do one. It's like, hey, you gave us the rules, why not just implement them in code, so that it's easier to navigate... At any rate, there are 4 races to play as or combat against, and you will play mostly thinking strategy but being held back by the clunky being belief rules. It's roll this, roll that, compare against that, it's just too much machination and too much checking too do, with information seldom being easy to get at a glance. Sorry, Dragon Dice, you're genuinely overcomplicated. I guess, for me Monopoly is how I quench my board game crave still, you need to chill and simplify!

Fun either way

Dragon Dice is a computerized version of the collectible dice game of the same name, developed by Interplay. The object of the game is quite simple: you need to either capture two of the three teritories that the players are fighting over for or be last surviving player in battle. What makes the game interesting is that is used with dice, someone even making it a sort of card game with board game rules. The rules of the are quite complex and would be better if you read them on specialized sites. In the game, you can play as one of the thirteen races in the game, some of them being variations of the same race, like the Coral Elves and Lava Elves. The computerized version of the game is not much different from the actual dice-rolling game and it makes it a better experience if you cannot find the actual dice in your region.

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