Isle of Four Winds - Rune War

Strategy 1997 Windows Arcanium Productions Board games Fantasy

Mahjong at heart but dressed to appeal to RPG fans

Isle of Four Winds - Rune War does two things: it hides classic mahjong in a larger RPG world (similar to Zelda RPG games but less sprawling) while the center of the conflicts is Mahjong styled. So, if you wanted a combination of classic RPG plus Mahjong this is the game to get it from. Alright, maybe it sounds farfetched, and it might not be an idea you are sold to immediately, but believe me, it works. The game is well crafted enough to make the Mahjong gameplay center stage, while the other RPG elements work towards making this core gameplay style even more interesting. Graphically the game is pretty nice, with a unique 16 bit themed game world that takes its cues from Zelda games. So, the tactical bits will play as mahjong, following the rules of that game rather loosely, while the RPG portion is done on a 2D seen from above type map that makes playing it very Zelda like. The game also has a nicely sloped difficulty level, which will guarantee that you'll be hooked, as long as you like the turn based strategy and as long as you want to uncover the story the game wants to tell. Yes, it's different, but it's nicely done. So give it a try!

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