Dark Legions

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Silicon Knights Board games Fantasy

Classic real time strategy; still playable

Much of what makes (or, if you will, keeps!) this game playable is the fact that it has a very simple, straightforward build, much in the classic style and also, much based on a relatively small number of units: 16 in total. These units, in between the different factions of the game, offer you a very satisfying experience. In terms of theme Dark Legions is a retro fantasy medieval tinged game, and it sure feels good to play it. Also, the build of the game is nicely balanced as a result of the fact that originally it was a board game, and the rules of that game are still, to a point kept. Thus, that rock paper scissors type of strategy, with units having an advantage over others is what keeps it fresh and highly playable. So, what might not be satisfying is the fact that the graphics are a little dusty, even for a a game of this one's age. But, once you are set in the groove it's fun and easily playable, and always satisfying when you have learned the basics. Similarly, download Isle of Four Winds, with an even darker theme, yet similar playability and features.

Dark fantasy with a dark atmosphere

Dark Legions can best be described as a fantasy variation of the classic Capture the flag game, only in this strategy game the objective is to lead your fantasy army to your opponent and find then take their "orb", a mystical device that gives the opposing army their power. The game might seem a bit old school when you turn it on but it is actually a lot more specific and detailed than most of the games from its era. For instance, if you want to have a battle, you have to choose your terrain wisely - the difference can be huge whether you're fighting on grass, desert or swamp. There are also a lot of other cool units and spells - something a true fantasy game should have! Dark legions has a special appeal to me because it's more of a dark fantasy (demons, wraiths, undead beings) than light, so the whole game is in a very dark setting. The game is mostly described through very dark colors and this really portrays the dark atmosphere of the game. Well, I loved the game. I think it's a very fine game and that all fans of the genre will be in love with it as well. Have fun!

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