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The father of uncover the image puzzlers

Qix's most amazing feat was that it managed to cram so much graphical diversity into the game, no later than 81. 81! That is just amazing! So, what the game is, is the kind of arcader where you control a dot. The dot moves in a 2D environment and it can create boxes, by drawing lines. You have to cover a certain amount of every level in order to go to the next level, but, there are enemies to consider. And in this oldie, the enemies are animated lines, dots, small animated boxes that bound around and so on. Basically, what you want to avoid is having your currently drawn line hit by any of these, though, once you've managed to cover a square area, you're in the clear. Of course, the more you've covered, the less space for the enemies to move about, so, as you progress within a level the harder the game is! With each level, a new element is introduced, either some new enemy or some other quirk, maybe a speedier progression of the enemies or something along those lines. At any rate, Qix is a classic, genre shaping game, one that is still highly playable due to its simplicity and its simple but alright graphics. Play it! And if you crave more advanced Qix like gameplay, see how you like Jezzball, similar though with its very own little quirks!

Classic arcade game

Qix is a classic arcade game developed and published by Taito. Brought over to the DOS, Qix was one of the revolutionary arcade style games ever released in either format. It's simple but fun and addictive gameplay delivered hours and hours of fun for countless gamers and its style of gameplay carried on to other classic games like Volfied. The object of the is quite simple: you need to claim pieces parts of the playfield until you reach the desired percentage. In order to do this, you need to cut out the part of the playfield you wish to claim. While this all sounds simple, there are some enemies thrown in to make it more challenging. There are two types of enemies: smaller ones that are constantly moving on the edges of the playfield and a larger one that consists of twisting lines which will chase the player when he's trying to claim a new teritory. While graphics are nothing special for today's standards, back in the early '80s it was amazing.

Original arcade

Great game I played first time on my C64. Many of you surely know games such as Gal's Panic, but this is the very first of the genre. You have to complete each level by trying to "cut" rectangle around some lines that randomly moves around the canvas.

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