Arcade 1989 Dos Polik Arkanoid style Single screen

Bouncy, bouncy

There are tons of other clones of the mega-popular arcade game Arkanoid and this is possibly one of the best and funnest in the bunch. The gameplay is extremely simple to learn but very hard to master. It's basically a game of ping-pong of a sorts. The objective is to destroy all of the blocks that are stacked in front of you by bouncing the ball back and forth from you to the blocks and whatever you do, you can't miss the ball. It starts very easy at first - there are hundreds of block and it's extremely easy to destroy the first, second and third row of blocks, but when there are only a few blocks remaining, you have to precisely calculate the angle from which you have to hit the ball to make it reach the block and destroy it. Not only this, but as the game gets harder, the blocks get tougher and a lot more difficult to destroy; you might need to hit a block two or three times before it's destroyed. I can't tell how many sleepless nights I've spend just bouncing that ball back and forth - it becomes a hypnotic experience and you just can't stop bouncing! Needless to say, I had a tremendous amount of fun. The graphics are very nice and tasteful, corresponding to the background perfectly and the animation is more than adequate. It's extremely easy to lose yourself in this great game so make sure you don't have any important meetings or chores ahead if you choose to play the game - you might forget about them completely! Two thumbs way up in the air!

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