Ashes of Empire

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox GameTek Alternate History

Action, strategy mix, very arcadey, yet inspired by 90s history

There was a lot of turmoil in the Middle East in the early 90's and, the developers of this game thought that it would be nice to include some of that recent history in this arcadey mix of action and strategy. However, don't worry; the end result is by no means less playable than a vanilla action mix, with a strategic edge. Nope, quite on the contrary, the resulting game manages to create a very playable and also immersive atmosphere. Effectively, gameplay wise you will be split between controlling the units in the large 3D world and establishing a strategy for each particular sequence of events that will see you through to the end. All in all, the game impresses with its massive stature (over 9000 locations and over 6000 characters) and scope, while also being well polished, very easy to control. The quality of the graphics is also alright, in the style of the 90s games, the early period, which means not a lot of textures or colors, as well as just a few polygons; but it all works. For an alternative in the same style, see a game such as Empire deluxe, also a huge enterprise.

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