Bravo Romeo Delta

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Free Spirit Software Alternate History War

US or USSR, a vast nuclear arsenal in your hands!

Bravo Romeo Delta is a simulator, military in theme, and based around the use and management of the nuclear power, either of the US or the nuclear arsenal of the USSR. You start easily, on either an US or USSR submarine, and from there on you get access to all the other menus and systems of the game, so you have the time to learn each and every different portion of the game before having to interact with it without help. Soon enough you learn that the game is a true wargame, with a top down, comprehensive map, containing all the info about your location, targets and so on. The objectives, except for the tutorial ones are hard, as you need to prevent the warheads of the enemy while deploying your ones. Also, the computer puts a good battle at you, and, overall, you get a seriously hard game. Most of the scenarios are this Tom and Jerry of anticipation and only using your arsenal only when necessary. A really stressful game, without question! Similarly download Nuclear War, even if it more of a satire game, about nuclear conflict; still, it's pretty developed and highly strategic.

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