Clash of Steel

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox SSI World Wars Alternate History War

Complex turn based strategy

Complexity in a turn based strategy and playability are always in a clash, and this game shows it very well. While the top down tabletop elements fall into place quite well and manage to convey the sense of true strategy, it is however a bit too harsh on the management aspects, offering you too many detailed choices. No, you're not going to have to direct each soldier and each individual idea of the game, you can also automate a lot of the production choices and even establish supply routes which you don't have to constantly overlook. But even so, the game feels a bit too heavy handed on its strategic offer to actually be fun. However, if you don't mind a heavy set turn based strategy I bet you're going to like this one. The graphics are modern, with very little jaggedness or the funk that was quite common in older games of this sort. What the graphics will also show, unfortunately, is that the developer didn't go too much out of his way to create an original theme for the unit tiles or for that matter for the maps. They feel as if they are all stock times and maps, and, while it doesn't affect the gameplay, it just feels a bit too lazy. Bottom line, this game is only for the dedicated war gamer who doesn't mind a heavy handed military strategy game.

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