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Winter is coming...

Midwinter is a classic bit of strategy gaming which sprang from the mind of Mike Singleton, also known for Lords of Midnight, and which was followed by the equally original Flames of Freedom. This one combines an intriguing future setting, some very impressive 3D visuals and a gripping mix of strategy and action to create a first rate experience which holds up well today. The background here finds the world ravaged by a nuclear winter following the fall of a meteorite and places the player in the role of a captain in the newly formed police force of the titular island. It's your job to recruit other soldiers and civilians to protect your home from the oncoming forces of a power mad general. You first select the individuals you want to fight on your side and then place them around the island. During each soldier's turn, the game switches to a more action-oriented style where you battle against the invading forces. The strategy mostly comes in in the choosing of the soldiers, as you have to consider their personal relationships with one another as well as taking into account other things like stats and gear. Terrain also requires you to plan out your moves and adds further depth. There really isn't much out there like Midwinter and while it takes a while to get your head around it all, once you do it becomes absolutely gripping. It's also dripping in atmosphere, thanks to the fantastic graphics which still look good today, so when you add the mix of strategy and action together, you're left with a true thinking man's action game.

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