Axis & Allies: Iron Blitz Edition

Simulation 1999 Windows Hasbro Interactive Board games Strategic scope

Complex and involving historical sim

Inspired by the popular board game of the same name, the Axis and Allies series of games is an immensely popular one, thanks to its combination of challenging, tactical gameplay and the ability to replay famous historical battles from WWII. This Iron Blitz edition adds in several features which expand on its predecessor and make it a fine addition to any strategy buff's collection. The game plays out in turn-based fashion, with players choosing their side (from the USSR, Japan, Germany, Britain and the US), selecting their troops and vehicles, including tanks, aircraft and submarines, and then engaging in several unique scenarios to prove their skills at command. Each of the scenarios represent a different aspect of warfare, requiring different tactics to complete successfully, but it isn't all about combat, with resource management also coming into play. Battles are decided on dice rolls, with units having attack and defense values and which determine how likely they are to defeat their enemy, and this is a system which works nicely thanks to its relative simplicity and speed. The interface is also nice and accessible, making this one a good choice for newcomers to the genre, but don't expect an easy ride as the AI here is pretty tough. However, the game is compelling enough to ensure players will stick with it, requiring as it does some deep tactical thinking. Throw in a clever 'What if?' scenario designer and you have a complex and addictive historical strategy game that really delivers the goods.

Hardcore strategy game with diverse elements

It is one of those turn based strategy games which though do not offer you much but still has that element of catering your attraction. The plot is the same as you find with many strategy games based on the World War 2. The exciting aspect in the game is that you will be the commander of one of the great nations that participated in the World War 2. To name a few, you have Nazi Germany and USSR. Your mission will be conquer different territories and advance on and will have to use hardcore strategy elements to your benefit. The game unlike Panzer General, does not offer you animations in terms of the happenings of the wars but still the user interface is good enough. You will also get the complete world map and you need to mark your stamp on it through conquering different territories. The gameplay is very competitive in terms of the strategy making because it is a one for the hardcore strategy game lovers. The music is also rich and gives you a true war feeling and the AI is also tough. Not an out of the world game but is definitely good for an addictive gameplay.

A&A strategy!

Did you ever dream of changing the world's history? Well, you can in Axis & Allies: Iron Blitz Edition. Being one of many versions of the 1998 game Axis & Allies, I don't really know exactly what makes this game more special than the original. Apart from that, the game managed to be entertaining, or at least for the most part. Think about it: you play as a commander of a great nation from World War II (USSR, Nazi Germany just to name a few) bent on world domination. While most RTS game implement this, Axis & Allies takes it to a whole new level, by giving the overall world map at your disposal. Yes, that's right! The whole map of Earth during WW2 is offered and you only need to do is conquer the territories. While this might sound fun, but the gameplay is mostly reserved for hardcore strategy fans. The battles may result boring and don't give you the feeling that your units are in a battle. Panzer General played on the same principle, but at least that game offered some great animation between your units and the enemy, showing how the battle goes on and which one of the units got hit. Dear TBS fan, you might want to check this game out.

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