Combat Chess

Simulation 1997 Windows Empire Interactive Board games Chess Turn based Strategy

Good, animated chess piece chess sim

The beauty of this chess sim stems from the sets of pieces that depict a few different combat scenarios, some that want to recreate a mech like battle, other that go for a more archaic theme, middle ages inspired. But the game is your classical chess, played following the classical rules. Given that the developers focused more on the graphical bits, it comes as no surprise that the game is rather mediocre when it comes to the AI. So, while there are a few options in store when it comes to the difficulty of each game, you won't really find that the AI is too diverse in its tactics. Don't get me wrong, on the higher levels of difficulty, if you're not a very adept player you're going to suffer, but otherwise, the game higher hierarchical strategies will seem to be pretty much the same. But, indeed the animations are cool, with cool swaying pawns, which move in between turns as if frowning at each other, with cool stab animations and so on. Thus, the game can be more engaging for someone who is no longer satisfied with the classic, static boards.

Checkmate... and fight!

Are you into chess? Are you into fighting videogames? Well then, this is the perfect fusion of the two. Take a look at this old but awesome product that will allow you to take the experience of chess to another level. Have in your power a fun and entertaining way of seeing how the characters slay their enemies. Soon enough you'll find out that you're playing to witness the different combinations of how they kill each other off, rather than trying to win! Playing this game will make you have the feeling of actually being involved with your pieces!

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