Risk II

Simulation 2000 Windows Atari Board games Strategic scope

Simulation game with a good strategic scope

This typical strategy game has a very diverse gameplay as it gives you a variety of different modes. The gameplay is very interactive and you have the option to run a tournament where there are sixteen games that can be played separately. It's like a rush to take over the entire world. There are both multiplayer and single player modes available so that you can share the fun with your friends. For winning the game, you have to gain control over various countries. Being a strategy and a simulation game all the moves and the tactical provisions that you make will have their impact on your score. The reinforcement, the attacks, the moves, the battle orders and the tactics will be performed simultaneously while the other opponent goes through his/her turn. After all tactics or the reinforcements are set, then the game will go on to display how they worked and what impacts were induced. Unlike the original version, this time the A1 is more competitive and once you start playing the game, you will have no track on the time because it is really addictive. The graphics are fair enough and the controls are also good for both joystick and keyboard. I also came across another good simulation game called Dogs of War and I would like to recommend it along with this one.

Risk it ALL!

Risk 2 is a classic strategy game. You are able to play this game in different modes. For a great interactive playing experience, you can even run a tournament in which sixteen games are played. Only one at a time is played. Consider it a "Taking Over" marathon! There is single player and multi-player modes available. Either way, you are able to try to conquest the entire world! It is interactive and less messy than the original board version. If you want to win, you must occupy different countries to own them. Compared to the original version, Risk 2 has better AI and you will be able have a better game. You will get into it and loose track of time. It will definitely keep your attention and you are able to involve other players to even spend time with your family.

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