The Many Faces of Go

Simulation 1995 Windows Smart Games Board games Strategic scope

Go sim with a lot of tutorial and other features

The simple Japanese game of Go is a marvel of strategy, simpler than Chess but nevertheless capable of demonstrating some very powerful examples of tactics and of placement of troops. However, today it is less of a game that teaches one skills to aid in battles, but rather, a social game for those that love board games. At ay rate, The Many Faces of Go offers you a lot of material to go with the core game. You get the ability to try out different scenarios along with new games, you get to try out a clean Joseki tutor that will demonstrate different principles of the game as well as start you up with the basics. Thus, The Many Faces of Go is much alike the Chess Master series, in that it can be a great tutor as well as a pro at teaching you higher level tactics. So, you can use it to hone your skills or simply to learn the basics. Also, to top it all off, the game offers you recreations of historical Go battles, more than 1000 actually, some of them with commentary and others just there for you to see and to learn from. Besides, you can also record your own games and play them as you see fit.

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