Panzer General

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox SSI Turn based War Isometric

First rate WWII wargaming

If you've played lesser military sims like Operation Combat, White Death and the like and found them lacking in strategy thrills, then it's time to try out one of the best in the genre. Panzer General is a fantastic game that combines several innovations alongside some solid wargaming to create a first class experience. In principal the game is similar to other hex-based sims, with players taking part in a series of missions representing key moments from WWII, while carrying out such as activities as moving, engaging in combat, supplying. There are of course a number of units available, each of which is strong against certain enemy units but weak against others, so careful consideration of their use is a must. The game offers two main choices in terms of gameplay: take part in single missions against either the computer or another human and which allows you to play as either the Axis or the Allies or to try out your skills in a full blown campaign. Here, you take the role of a German general, something which was quite striking for the time, but this is not the only interesting feature on display here. In another novel twist, units are able to gain experience points and prestige if they survive battles, allowing them to level up in RPG-style, while success also offers the player the chance to access new units and different scenarios. Panzer General really is a top notch strategy experience and is a must play for both newcomers and genre fans alike. There is a huge amount of units, air, land and sea, which provides plenty of tactical elements and which encourages different play-styles. The missions are absorbing, varied and challenging, particularly in the campaign, while graphics are simple but highly effective. Basically, if you have any interest in historical strategy games, you need to play this. Check out the similarly themed Fantasy General, or Panzer General 2 and Panzer General 3 for more high quality action.

A terrific wargame

If you like World War 2 strategies, this is the game for you. Incredibly detailed while still incredibly easy, this game has all a gamer would want - a game that is challenging, interesting and fun, but not too complex to figure out and with simple controls. In this game, you play as the Nazis and you have to eliminate the Allied Forces the best way you can. What is revolutionary with this game is that it's the first strategy game to incorporate roleplaying game elements - units get experience points and veteran recruits are better than the new ones, and that adds a new layer of awesome and detail to the game. The units and missions in the game are historically incredibly accurate, so you might feel like you are making history yourself. All this is made in great SVGA graphics and animations combined with great sound effects and music. When you think that all this was done in 1994, your mind goes nuts with amazement. So, if you're into wargames and have a special love for World War 2 games (like 1942: The Pacific Air War), go ahead an try it out, you're gonna love this game, and the game's sequels : Panzer General II and Panzer General III.

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