Back to the Moon

Arcade 1997 Windows Dosbox Home Made Software Space combat Futuristic

A playable and fun, nonsensical platformer!

In Back to the Moon you are, seemingly, on the moon, but that damn moon is chockfull of cars, of cornerstones, of Earthly rocks and more! I don't know if the developers just got bored with trying to figure out and create some assets that would seem to make a bit more sense on the actual natural satellite of the Earth, but, nonetheless, all these disparate graphical elements have a funny way of setting up a cool mood. At any rate, Back to the Moon will surely play nicely, will surely offer you loads of fun, and will ultimately offer you a relaxing left to right platformer experience, one in which, at times, you are going to have WTF moments, but not too many! Yeah, it might as well just be a rushed game, but as long as you don't really care much about it, it's gonna work as advertised. Oh, and it is not a sequel of To the Moon, but if you can find that one play it too that's a once in a decade adventure game, with all of its syrup and with all of that jazz of its. Else, see a sidescroller such as Jazz the Jackrabbit if you want a faster, yet still wacky platformer expert at work!

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