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Faster Asteroids and just as retro and fun!

Hyperoid is an unapologetic Asteroids clone, which offers you the same one screen universe full of asteroids that need to be destroyed. But, when you shoot them, they do not disappear completely, they break down into smaller bits. You have to shoot one big Asteroid to turn it into 2 pieces. Then, each chunk will further disintegrate into 2 smaller ones. Then you can destroy them by shooting them once again. So, you see, it plays very much like Asteroids, following the exact rules of that game. What it offers as an addition instead, to merit its title as a game that is not just a remake, is the fact that the speed of your ship and that of the asteroids is a bit faster than in the original. Thus, you have a much better chance of being engaged for longer periods of time with this one. Also, graphically, I'd say Hyperoid is just a tiny little bit better looking than its old relative, but not by leaps and bounds, just a tiny little graphical upgrade. So, if you're still looking for a good Asteroids like game, this one is sure one of them worth looking into, worth the download.

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