Deep Space

Arcade 1987 Dos Sir-tech Software Space combat Futuristic

Fascinating early sci-fi shooter

This is something of an obscurity, an ambitious sci-fi shooter that's a bit like a basic version of Wing Commander or Freelancer, or even the early Star Wars games. Although it doesn't offer much in the way of complex missions, it is actually an engaging little 3D blaster that is worth a look for retro heads. There is some surprisingly detailed background material, which sees the genetically-altered warriors of the Andromedan Hegemony seeking to expand their dominion into the realm of the United Planets of Solaria. However, such boldness will not go unchecked and so it is that players finds themselves in the cockpit of a tiny one-man Katana fighter, tasked with bringing down the invading aliens. What this basically translates into is a short series of missions which see you flying through asteroid belts, blasting those pesky upstarts and generally trying to save civilisation. There are only four missions available, a byproduct of the game's age, and which require you to save an envoy's ship and other such vital tasks. While they may be simple and lacking depth, these missions are actually nicely varied and quite enjoyable, if only for a short while. The graphics were quite ground breaking for their time, with six degrees of freedom and solid filled polygons that give a good impression of space flying. There is a good range of enemies to take on too and simple but effective sound effects. Deep Space is far from a classic or must play, but it makes for a fascinating excursion into the early days of sci-fi shooters and is worth a brief look.

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