Backyard Football 2002

Sport 2001 Windows Infogrames Football Tournaments

Cartoon style action football game

This game is a sweet, sweet representation of American football staring cartoonish characters, but in spite of this graphical presentation, the game is nonetheless a joy to sink into. That is so because it manages to create a very satisfying representation of the game, both of its real time portion as well as of the back strategy behind the action sequences. Plus, just like in the Sensible Soccer franchise, the game manages to be just expert at taking the nonessential elements away, sticking only with what is important to the game. Therefore, in all of its elements, Backyard Football 2002 is the game to play. The graphics are really cure, but the gameplay is unaffected by the way in which the cartoonish characters look or move around, which is always something to salute and be happy about. So, that's about it, play it to get a serious game, but one that doesn't mind going into cute characters from long gone TV series. An absolute joy to play, both for kids as well as for those that don't look for hyperrealism in games. Plus, it will give you an idea where all those Xbox live characters were inspired from.

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