Madden NFL 2004

Sport 2003 Windows Electronic Arts Football Tournaments

Modern, fast, engaging, great fun overall!

Yeah, it's a bit of a no need statement to say that the Madden series is a good, very playable, very enjoyable one, I mean the amount of games that were sold, by the time this edition came out was staggering, in the tens of millions category! However, I need to state this: Madden NFL Football 2004 is really, really good, better than the older ones by a stretch and I think for the mid to late 2000 is the game to go for. It is smooth to play, really tactical, and the bits that play out as minigames are very enjoyable and keep being enjoyable even after a good while. So, make sure you have the time to play it as it is really enticing, not at the least because of its really sharp and modern graphics, which also make way for some cinematic moments (which can be skipped, as, of course, they tend to get old after a while, hehe!) and other camera related enhancements. I don't know maybe some of the much later seasons are better, but for me Madden NFL Football is definitely the moment I thought that football games couldn't get any better!

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