Madden NFL 06

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As far as American football games, the legendary Madden series has been pretty much the go to title for any serious fan wanting to engage in some serious digital gridiron action. There are other options, like Joe Montana and Mike Dikta Ultimate Football, but none of them are serious contenders, especially when compared with this edition of the franchise. This one actually offers some major upgrades over previous installments, so even if you have played them before, there's a lot to pull you in here. Perhaps the biggest element is the new single player campaign, which really throws you into the lifestyle of a top player, and which gives you the option to play through many aspects of the sport, tailoring your alter ego's personality to suit your own needs. There are also some new on pitch options, with upgrades to passing and offense, such as Quarterback Vision, while you'll also see impressive changes to the presentation which is slicker than ever before. Although many of EA's sports franchises, including this one, have suffered from some fairly pointless versions, where it was difficult to see what had changed since the last one, NFL 06 actually delivers enough new features to make it well worth a look. It does look and sound fantastic, with all the razzle dazzle of the real world sport, but under the hood things are just as impressive. It's still extremely detailed and offers a deep level of strategy that isn't seen elsewhere, while also being challenging and a lot of fun. In short, if you're looking for the best football game in the biz, look no further.

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