NFL Quarterback Club 97

Sport 1996 Windows Iguana Entertainment, Inc. Football Team management Tournaments

Optimized American football sim with a dynamic camera

While NFL Quarterback Club 97 does not bring anything too novel to the series, it nevertheless smoothes it out quite a bit, mainly by employing two distinct facilities: one of them is the kicking meter becoming more resilient and the other is the implementation of a more trusty camera, which, while highlighting important action sequences of the game, and being at the right place at the right time, but also, being less of a head ache inducer in the way it transverses the field and choosing where to settle. Yeah, it might not seem like much to sell this game, but believe me, this issue was quite the pain of many 3D games that tackled American football beforehand. Other than that the game includes a new mode, called custom simulation, which adds a new challenge and a new way of dealing with players that can't finish a game. Overall, I can't really pit this game as a classic or anything, but well, in its time it did do the usual, polishing up things here and there and adding just enough new material (game modes) to be worth playing. However, my go to old school American football game still has to be the great Front Page Sports: Football Pro which you should give a go too.

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