Balance of The Planet

Simulation 1990 Dos Incredible technologies Science Politics

Be an environment(ist) God!

Have you ever wondered what sort of implications even the slightest change in the environment can have? Well, if you haven't (and even if environmental issues are a constant in your mind!) you will find that this game offers you a great set of tools to see how the environment changes when you produce, even the slightest change. Because this is a great, well documented and well executed game that offers you the tools to simulate weather and other environmental factors, to see their outcomes. I like to think of the mathematics behind games like this, this is part of the fun of setting some parameters on and seeing how they interact with one another and how they move about. And let me tell, you, Balance of The Planet is a tight game, it sure runs a mean simulation behind its (not that polished) graphics. For instance, of you increase the temperatures at a global scale with a few degrees, and then set the speed of the simulation at a fast rate, you will get to see how deserts expand, how certain portions begin to be ravaged by violent storms and so on. All in all, a very beautiful game, for the math, the environment and the physical simulation. Download Solidarnosc for a similarly large scale simulation though focused on politics.

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