Stock Market - The Game

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Securities market trading simulation

This is not even a game, in the classic sense of the word, unless of course, you consider that there is a fabulous resemblance between the way the stock market is geared and an economic simulation game! Because, a similar software (of course, linked to actual stocks and securities!) was used in the 90s by traders. So, in this respect, the game is a pretty bleak look at that very same world of securities, stock market exchange and all that. But, it's, you know fun, even when you're not dealing with real money, getting a real profit off the market is really cool and interesting! So, yeah, give it a try if you love the idea of the simulation, as mathematical as it may be. Graphically you get this set of screens, nothing fancy, looks like you're dabbling into a Norton Commander or DOS application, and from there you choose what and when to buy. Nothing cleared, more direct and with more global repercussions! So, yeah, if you'd like to see what the Stock market is all about, this game will definitely give you a good idea of that. So, yeah, do try it, hopefully you won't feel the need to make the change to the real deal! Alternatively, see also Black Monday which has a similar premise but allows a more direct, mouse driven control interaction.

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