2005: A Game of Macroeconomics

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A serious educational economic simulation

2005: A Game of Macroeconomics is not a game per se; it is a graphical interface based learning application that was geared to teach you emergent economic concepts. Therefore, in order to understand it properly, you have to have a good background in economics, or at least a more grounded understanding of math. The application presents you with different scenarios and shows how an actual economy is modeled, how one factor influences another and how an economy can become unbalanced. The more game-like portion of the simulation is the included presidential campaign portion with its news module, which is also simulation based, though far less complex and more arcade-like in the context of the application. With the exception of the controls which have that air of the early 00s, 2005. At any rate, while I don't see this sim good enough to be seriously considered by an economics student, it is however a particularly well built simulator, though not very enticing to fiddle/play with. However, its internal logic and mechanics of simulation are very accurate.

A serious difficult economy sim

2005: A Game of Macroeconomics is mostly considered to be one of the best games to represent macroeconimics, where other releases have failed to deliver. The object of the game is to set monetary and fiscal policy in order to keep the economy healthy... and that's kinda it. The tycoon type of games, like Transport Tycoon, fared much better and the object of that game was to make profit, but the way of achieving was fun. All in all, 2005: A Game of Macroeconomics is a "game" that is only fit for those who would want to know about the subject.

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