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Absorbing political sim

A highly obscure political/management sim that is likely to have passed all but the most extreme retro fan or hardcore collector, Solidarnosc is an intriguing little curio that is highly worth seeking out for strategy fans in search of something unusual. Based on the Polish solidarity movement which brought down Communism in Poland (bet you never expected to see a game based on that!), players attempt to win the support of the 7 areas of Poland, drawing them away from Communism, while also playing off against the superpowers of the US and the USSR. The game plays out over a map-based interface, which details your popularity, regional information and various other useful data. By clicking on a region, you can issue commands (like telling the people to go on a hunger strike or start a demonstration), which should rally support for your cause. Commands have both long- and short-term effects and it is only by careful juggling of both that you will eventually bring the country around to your way of thinking. Throw into the mix some highly detailed resource management (protesters need photocopiers as much as they do food) and you have a deep and absorbing political sim. The simple yet detailed interface allows the game to be highly accessible, making it perfect for newcomers, but the gameplay offers plenty of challenge for old hands and although it is smaller in scope and lacking in the sheer complexity of something like Conflict, Solidarnosc remains a must play for anyone interested in politicking on the small screen.

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