Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga

RPG 1999 Windows Hasbro Inc. Isometric Real time Dungeons and Dragons Role playing

Classic you can still enjoy

One of the first truly epic-sized RPG's, Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga is an epic journey through mythical lands, taking on quests to save ladies in distress, battle viscous monsters, save entire towns from villains. For it's time, and even today, it has dazzling graphics. Story revolves around a young hero in a world broken apart by mysterious power pillaging it's metal shipments. Someone, somewhere is turning the tides in Sword Coast, no shipments of metal can come through unraided. The merchants vanish along with the precious metal they were carrying. But, even though the story is great, the biggest value of this game is its gameplay. The amount of control you got over your hero's action was never seen before, and everything went really smooth and glitch free. Game was made by Bioware in 1998., who later turned to making some of the best RPG games in history such as Baldur's Gate 2, Mass Effect, Star Wars: KOTOR I&II, Star Wars: TOR etc. If you're looking for hours of immersing gameplay, characters you will love and one of the best game stories ever written, than this is the game you want to play. Top notch in every aspect, and very high replay value. One of my personal all-time favorites. Five stars all the way.

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