Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch

Puzzle 2001 Windows RetroSpec Reflex oriented Cartoon

Neat update on a classic platformer

For those with fond memories of the original Chuckie Egg and its sequel this will prove a great little blast from the past. It's basically a remake of the classic platformer but with plenty of updates and additions to the gameplay to make it more than a simple re-hash. For those of you unaware of the original, the game plays out on a series of single screens, similar to Donkey Kong or Mario Bros (check out the remake, Mario VGA), and requires players to control Henhouse Harry in his quest to collect the various golden eggs which litter each stage. Several hens (which actually look more like ostriches) run around trying to catch you, while a timer also adds in some extra challenge. New features in this version include tighter and more responsive controls as well as much flashier sound and graphics, which remain true to the original but which provide a more modern feel to the game. The level design too is noticeably more complex than previously with a few new elements to jazz things up a bit and which help to keep players on their toes. Chuckie Egg is something of an underrated little classic from bygone years and this update does a great job of bringing it into the present. The graphics are quite charming, with bright, cartoon-like visuals that make the game highly appealing and the gameplay, although fairly simple, is certainly enjoyable enough and provides some undemanding but fun platforming action. If you enjoy games like Lode Runner, then this is well worth checking out but fans of Dizzy-style adventures should also take a look at Chuckie Egg 2, which puts a neat spin on the gameplay.

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