Freespace 2

Simulation 1999 Windows Interplay Design Tool Futuristic Space flight Action Combat Sci fi

Great old school flight simulation

It is a space flight simulation which has a somewhat distinct feel to it. The distinct feel to it is due to the way the gameplay works. The plot this time is that 32 years after you have completed the mission in the original Freespace, you are now called again by your organization and will play to defeat some enemies which are threatening the world with danger. Now coming towards the distinct gameplay, you can do a variety of missions but the best thing is that you can skip whichever mission you want. This allows you to eliminate the frustrating ones. The action in the game is supported by some very good graphics and animations which give detailed action. The flight dynamics of your space crafts are realistic and the controls are very responsive. The number of options for the gameplay and the weapons are truly amazing and every mission is unique from the other. Not only you can do a lot of dogfights, but can also avoid some fights with your strategic decisions. The UI in the game is not that good but still the game manages to be quite addictive. An even better flight simulation for you can be Incoming.

Offers a lot of great elements

Freespace 2 is a space combat simulation game developed by Volition, the same developer who also developed Red Faction. Freespace 2 is one of my favorite space combat games of all time, ranking somewhere with Wing Commander 3. The game has a lot of great elements to deliver and they do not disappoint. The story of the games continues 32 years after the event from Freespace and you play as a pilot for the GTVA, an organization formed to forge an aliiance between men and the Vasudan races. And that is pretty much what I have to say about the story. As you progress, it gets more interesting. A neat feature I have found is the game is the ability to skip up to five missions. If you find a mission too difficult or too frustrating, you can skip it and head towards the next mission. This is a feature which I think most games should, because there are some games out there with frustrating mission that you wish that there would be a way to skip them. The gameplay is great. While the dogfighting parts of the game aren't very epic, they are well implemented and the HUD makes it even better. The graphics are great and the soundtrack is awesome. Overall, Freespace 2 delivers a lot of great elements into play, resulting in a great space combat video game.

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