Barbie Fashion Designer

Simulation 1996 Windows Mattel Girls Design Tool

For all girls that have grown playing with their favourite doll

Barbie Fashion Designer is for all girls out there that have grown playing with their favourite doll, and for those that are passionate about fashion! If you are willing to learn from Barbie the latest trends and to use your imagination, play this educational game released in 1996! Test your talent as a designer and create new outfits for your Barbie doll, mixing various styles, patterns, models, accessories, colours, and many more. You can do this by using a software program to edit the clothes. You can print them to actual fabric and you can design clothes for different occasions (wedding ceremonies, casual walks, parties, trendy clothes, for a date, for your career or job or for a day at the beach). The bad thing is that will run out of fabric and designing options long before you remain without ideas. So, your patterns will have a limited number. The CD includes sheets of printer-compatible fabric, Tulle fabric, four color markers, ribbons, glitter fabric paint, stickers, hook and loop tape, and some chic pairs of Barbie's shoes. When you finish your fashionable creations, you can admire them being presented at the catwalk by Barbie models. The presence of Barbie in this game will turn your experience into a more enjoyable one! If you always wanted to become a personal designer, this is the chance to test your skills when it comes to this full of glam and charming area!

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