Strategy 2001 Windows Peter Turcan Historical Real time

Far from complete; still, a nice wargaming experiment

Even in 2001, modeling and producing the assets that a wargame required could still not be undertaken by a single person and taken to commercial game quality by oneself. Thus, even in tis last iteration, Battalia was little more than an engine with a few assets that could be used by individual coders to create their own scenarios. The assets included medieval units, chivalry, infantry, and the other staples of the era, and so, if that is what you are aiming for, an editor suite, Battalia can deliver. If, however, you want a fully featured game, this won't be it; Battalia was released as a freeware simply because the developer could not pour the time to create a fully featured campaign in it; plus, the game just wasn't running on the most modern iteration of a graphical engine, and redesigning or exporting all those assets to a new engine would have taken too much time. So, yeah, it goes to show that the fast development in graphics and other departments that the early 2000s were all about would not favor independent developers trying to tackle a game by themselves. Instead, for those of you that want a fully featured game, rather go for Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle which shares similar graphics and ideas but polishes them to completion.

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