Nemesis of the Roman Empire

Strategy 2003 Windows Enlight Interactive Historical Empire management Real time Real time strategy

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Nemesis game is somewhat similar to The Age of Empires. The story of this game is developed on 2 campaigns - The Roman Campaign and The Carthaginian Campaign. In the first campaign the Roman Army is sent to Africa to attack on the rivals - The Carthaginian City. After an endless war it will be determined who will be ruling the city. The Carthaginian Campaign starts with the rise of the Carthaginians. They should rise against the Romans and make themselves powerful. With some great graphics and superb sounds this game is full of entertainment. In this game the developments of characters continues with every major battles. Using the resources you have to build the city and build an army that will fight in the battles. This is 5 stars game with a full of excitements. I enjoyed playing this game.

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