Hearts of Iron

Strategy 2002 Windows 1C Company Historical Real time Trade or management Casual Minigame Arcade

WWII your way

This is the first in a long line of strategy games which follows closely in the footsteps of Europa Universalis and which stands as a fine example of the genre, making it well worth checking out. Unlike most WWII strategy games, this one doesn't focus on the tactical aspect of controlling forces on the battlefield, but instead charges players with controlling the global aspect of the war. You take control of any nation who was involved in the conflict, not just the major players, and must do whatever you can to emerge safely from the nightmare. The whole thing plays out a little like a board game and you must focus on a number of factors, such as resources, weather, politics, diplomacy and so on. There are several scenarios you can play, along with a main campaign, and which take you from the turbulent pre-war years through the war itself and out the other side. Although the game may at first seem a little overwhelming, once you get into things, it soon gets easier to navigate, but without any loss of challenge. The depth of the game is perhaps its most impressive feature and it really crams every aspect of nation management in but without any loss of enjoyment. There's an absolute stack of options to sink your teeth into, with plenty of real historical events and characters to encounter and which will constantly have you thinking hard about your actions. Although the visuals aren't overly spectacular, they do their job well enough, while the interface is busy but generally intuitive. If you're looking for something to get lost in, then this could be your new best friend.

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