Battle Cheese

Puzzle 1995 Windows Strategic scope

Cheesy strategy fun!

Battle Cheese wins a lot of points simply for its title and promise of bringing the joys of cheese to the field of videogaming, but fortunately even without its gimmicky title and nature, it's actually an enjoyable and involving slice of strategy fun. If you take the time to read the background to the game, there's a nicely humorous bit of history which sets things up for the action and which gives you a good idea of what's to come. This history is rather convoluted, involving spies, nuclear power, global energy shortages, mutants and of course, cheese, but is funny stuff, so make sure you check it out before heading to the game. Speaking of which, Battle Cheese itself is a sort of humorous take on the classic strategy game of Risk, where players fight it out for control of the world, using a vast army of spies and other assorted troops with cheese-related names to conquer their enemies. The action plays out across a series of maps, with players moving their units, purchasing units, unleashing spies and of course attacking their foes in traditional fashion and even without the cheesy jokes, this would be a great piece of strategy gaming. There's a lot of units to have fun with, lots of opportunities for clever moves and such and with the computer putting up a good challenge, even for veteran generals. However, when you add in the delightfully bonkers sense of humour, simple but appealing graphics and sound, you have all the makings of a strategy classic and which deserves to be played, whether you like the humour of Lemmings and Worms or the tactical depth of Command and Conquer. Highly recommended!

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